The Art Historians of Southern California is on the forefront in supporting collegial discussions in which information is shared, problems are discussed, and solutions are suggested. Because our membership is so scattered, from Santa Barbara to San Diego counties, and territory in between, we feel that we can serve our membership and our colleagues through a series of workshops.

The Art Historians of Southern California is proud to sponsor workshops on significant topics for the discipline of art history.  The organization will support a university or college that wants to present and sponsor a panel discussion, which takes up a provocative and informative issue in contemporary professional practices and contemporary pedagogy.

Submit your suggestion for a workshop to the Director or Projects:
Dr. Martina Hesser

The Art Historians of Southern California will assume a support role for the workshop, assisting the faculty and helping her or him in taking the lead. AHSC understands that it is important for individual faculty members to receive the credit to which they are entitled. As the sponsoring organization, the AHSC will send representatives to introduce the panel topic and the distinguished presenters of the panel. Our representative will then turn the program over to the faculty member/s who have organized the panel. We will also share in the provision of refreshments.

Above all, the AHSC wants to support our colleagues. We know how much organizing and participating in such panels will mean for your professional futures. The membership of the Art Historians of Southern California is dedicated to the intellectual growth and development of our profession.

Art history departments are usually pleased to be the site of workshops, especially those that take up cutting edge issues.