Walter Meyer


Walter Meyer is the former AHSC Outreach Director and its current President. He is a full-time professorĀ of art history at Santa Monica College where he has been a leader in curriculum and program development. His current interests center on all things digital with regards to pedagogy and visual literacy with a special regard for the historiography of the contemporary. He served on the Santa Monica Arts Commission from 2009-2015 in various capacities inlcuding vice chair of the commission and chair of its public art committee. He is also a former board member of the Craft and Folk Art Museum and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation. He received his graduate degree from the University of Southern California and completed his undergraduate education at Colgate University. As a board member for the Art Historians of Southern California he seeks to promote and balance what he sees as its three primary functions: Scholarship, Professional Development and Advocacy. his goal is to further the legacy and relevance of AHSC as our discipline and the institutions where we work change and evolve.