2019 CAA PANEL in NYC February 14th

The Art Historians of Southern California present:

Bitcoins, Artcoins, Blockchains, Art and Art History 
Email: meyer_walter@smc.eduarthistsocal@gmail.com
CAA NYC- February 2019
Over the last 5 years, there has been hype about the impending “blockchain revolution.” Utopian and dystopian thinking alike characterize these emergent technologies across society and we seek to facilitate conversations specific to the disciplines of art, aesthetics and history.

Our panel will include: using blockchains for provenance, authentication of digital works as well as certificates of ownership, art that is about block chains and artists discussing bitcoins and block chains as subjects, art and artists that utilizes blockchain technology, use of cryptocurrencies for acquisition and subsequent effect on art marketplace.

What will blockchains mean for artists, scholars and professionals and how might they affect our disciplines? This panel engages and theorizes the ways in which the study of art, art history and visual culture will be affected by the challenges and opportunities these new systems of exchange bring.



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